One Day In Life Of Single Dad

Being a single parent is a difficult choice some people have to take upon themselves. In some ways, mothers overcome this situation much easier than fathers, who have to make significant adjustments to improve the living conditions of their kids.


They have to organize their lives differently and this case, they have great support from the government. If you are one of the single fathers out there, and you are struggling how to organize your day, then I am going to show you how my day looks like.

Get up early

If I want to finish all my errands before my kid goes to school, I have to get up early. My working day starts at 6 AM. I need to prepare breakfast for us, get ready for work, and get my child for school.


We have a school bus to catch, and then I am off to work. If you want to stay organized and finish all your tasks during the day, you need to get up early.

Use the afternoon

I often hire a nanny, and she stays with my kid, while I’m at work. She always covers a two – hour gap, until I got back home. I try to use the afternoon to spend as much time with my kid as I can. We prepare dinner together, do homework, watch something on TV and talk about our day. Considering that I am a single father, I try to dedicate every moment of my time to my kid.


I don’t want him to feel neglected or a disadvantage. My love for him is immense, and I think that most important part of our day is when we sit and talk. I encourage him to tell me about his problems and his struggles, and that’s why he has so much trust in me.

Get to bed early

Once we finish everything for the day, we go to bed early. My son is eight years old, so he is pretty independent. We go to bed around 10 AM because we have an early start. Once I clean up the house and finish all my errands around the home, I am neat and go straight to bed.