Challenges Of Being A Single Father In Vancouver

Single parents face many difficulties, regardless of their gender. Vancouver has regulated laws, which make this work much more comfortable, but still, fathers have a hard time adjusting to new conditions. Even though men are stronger than women and they don’t express their emotions, they are still vulnerable and need special care and attention.


As one of the single dads, I have learned to accept the conditions and organize my life from scratch, in order to help my kids, have a happy childhood. Here are some of the difficulties I faced in the beginning.

Work and private life

When I became, a single parent, it was challenging to organize my life and adjust my professional and private obligations. I had to hire a nanny who will take some burden from me. But, still, I tried to dedicate a lot of time to my children because I didn’t what them to feel neglected.


During those times, I was exhausted, my mornings started very early and my nights ended very late. When you have a full-time job, you need as much support as you need. My family was very supportive, and my parents helped me a lot. Now, things are looking much brighter.

Dating and having kids

After some time, every person has a need to go out, have fun and be loved. When I adjusted my personal life, I started looking for someone who will complete my life. When you are a single father, now many women are ready to commit. In this case, you need to find a person who will always be ready. To be in the second place in your life.

She needs to understand that kids will still be your priority. And there will be times when you will have to cancel dates and have emergencies.

Free time and hobbies

We don’t have a free time, and we often forget about having hobbies. While raising kids, their needs become your priority. After some time, you get the ropes, and you will take charge over your life.